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Nevena Mikec (1979)

About me
I am a Zagreb native and in love with my city but feel like a citizen of the world. I have a degree in journalism from the University of Political Sciences in Zagreb and currently do freelance work as an SEO copywriter and Community manager.

I love what I do and it gives me enough free time do other things I enjoy, like amateur photography, traveling and discovering new tasty foods and drinks.

In my opinion, dogs, chocolate and Netflix make this world better and smiles are good for your health. If I could describe my self in one sentence, it would be: less like a rocket, more like a balloon!

Why Zagreb
What I love about Zagreb is its history and geographical position. Located between Europe’s east and west, Zagreb lies on the gentle and green slopes of Mountain Medvednica.

I love Medvednica and the custom of Zagreb people of going hiking to the top Sljeme, which rises 1035 meters above sea level, almost every weekend. In hot summers, thewinds blowing from there cool the city and bring a lot of fresh air. In winter, we go there to ski and enjoy winter sports. In summer we cool in lakes Jarun and Bundek.

A lot of the time, people describe Zagreb as little Vienna, but in the heart of the city, on Gradec hil, you will find examples of beautiful classic European baroque town architecture. And for me, that is where I feel Zagreb the most: in those little alleys, the numerous parks, red roofs, hidden courtyards and secret, romantic spots.

Time is changing the face of the city, but its old and warm soul won’t change anytime soon, and that gives me a lot of hope for the future. As much as I fall in love with each new city I visit, I love coming home to Zagreb the most.

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