Park Maksimir Zagreb

Image by Nevena Mikec

Park Maksimir – The oldest but most beautiful!

Every city has this one spot that everybody knows, embedded in history and culture of the place and people. For Zagreb, Maksimir is more than a park. This is where memories are made, where you meet the forest for the first time, have family picnics by the lake, run to burn calories for your summer beach body or just contemplate life in serenity in this magnificent green oasis.

Maksimir is an English landscape kind of park opened in 18th century, making it the first public park in southeast Europe. In the 1920s, a zoo was added at the end of the park and made this spot one of most popular and most visited by locals. Next to it is Football club Dinamo stadium, marking this part of the city as the most recognizable for all of us living here.

As a dog owner and nature lover, there are so many fun things I love about this place. I love the 5 lakes and 7 streams going through its landscape, the hidden places like the Chapel of St. George or Pavilion of Echo. Vidikovac is my sweet spot in this park, a place where I drink my coffee and watch the landscape around me, listening to the birds chirp in the trees.  

No matter the season, Maksimir is a true sight for sore eyes when in need of some beauty and peacefulness. All you need is some comfortable shoes and a phone camera for all those romantic sights you are about to see.

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Maksimirski perivoj, Zagreb

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