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Miltiadis from Zurich

I can only imagine myself in a city with a nice waterfront. Zurich is simply a v...

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Onyx Bar is best known as Hyatt Bar. I discovered it shortly after it opened a few years ago and gradually adopted it because it reminded me of my nights out in Helsinki during the 90s.

Hyatt Bar feels classy and sinful at the same time. It is the choice of many well-dressed people. Once I commented to a lady with whom I was sharing a table in Onyx: “there are many beautiful women here” and she replied: “and many beautiful men too”. Indeed, many people there are good looking; they know it, they show it and many like to take advantage of it.

You will encounter diversity and contrast: coats and ties together with jeans and leather jackets; young people of student age as well as a more mature public; young women conversing with older men and vice versa; dresses ranging from the very conservative, teacher-type to the most extravagant outfit.

You will hear non-local languages: German as spoken in Germany, English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and a lot of Russian.

There is background music whose volume rises as the evening progresses. And during the warm season, there are tables outside. Maybe there would be a Ferrari or a Lamborghini parked on the pavement.

To complement the offering: nuts roasted in-house and sweet coconut-flavored chips (you eat one, you can’t stop) as well as a large humidor with the flagships of Cuban and Dominican production.

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Miltiadis from Zurich

Miltiadis Sarakinos photo

I can only imagine myself in a city with a nice waterfront. Zurich is simply a v...

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Beethoven-Strasse 21, Zurich

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Sun - Wed 06:30 - 01:00, Thu - Sat 06:30 - 02:00


Juice: CHF 9


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