Nikolina Demark (1989)

Zagreb & me
Let me start with this: I wasn’t born nor raised in Zagreb. While I was growing up, I knew almost nothing about it- it was an abstract idea which adults, for some reason, used to call ‘the capital city’. Now, even though I’m still pretty young, I know enough to consider Zagreb a majestic place. No, it’s not packed with people like Berlin; it’s not as trendy as New York and it doesn’t have that special London vibe, but it sure is amazing. That’s why I squealed with joy when I got the chance to become a Spotter.

I’ve been visiting Zagreb for years, since the day I was able to travel on my own. Step by step, it consumed me by everything it has to offer until I decided to go there to college: Faculty of Philosophy, majoring in art history and French. Now, when not attending classes, I spend my days wandering the streets, looking for places where I would feel at home- mostly cafés, bookstores, museums, cinemas and theatres.

Oh, not to forget the trivia… I’m a sunny person who likes to hug, I spend my money on books, coffee and glossy magazines; I love to travel, I adore Italy and everything that has to do with it; I’m a cinemaniac, especially when it comes to little indie gems or old French movies; I can’t stand Dalí; I love going to bookshops and flipping through photography books, I’m a fan of everything that includes Edward Norton and there is no greater pleasure for me than beating my brother at NFS.

If you look for me these days, you’ll get a rare chance to actually find me studying for the art history exams and saving money for my next trip.

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