Molo Longo Rijeka

Image by Nikolina Demark

Molo Longo – Along the waterfront

Living in a seaside town comes with its benefits: it’s hard to stand on the shore and gaze at the vast, mirror-like surface and not feel a certain sense of freedom and calm. It’s no wonder that both locals and tourists flock to the waterfront on sunny weekend days, eager to take a walk along the Molo Longo, the iconic breakwater in the city centre.

Literally translating to Long Pier, the Molo Longo measures 1.7 kilometres in length. Starting from the ferry terminal and making your way further into the blue, it’s a perfect way to stretch your legs while resting your eyes on memorable scenery – the open sea on one side, a unique perspective of the city centre on the other.

On most days, the promenade is scattered with darling old couples sat on benches, strolling groups of friends, and children frantically running around, squealing with joy. You’ll often pass by fishermen stacking crates of fresh catch and laying their colourful nets to dry, transforming the pier into a unique gallery in the open.

Come sundown, all eyes turn to the Molo Longo’s centrepiece. The pair of old harbour cranes, enveloped in lights that change color incessantly through the night – a nod to Rijeka’s industrial heritage and a playful visual spectacle you’re not likely to forget anytime soon.

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Molo Longo, Rijeka

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