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I write for restaurants, so in my job I combine my two big loves: food & writing...

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For over 60 years, this family-owned butcher has been a household name for every local Amsterdammer. From their beautiful cuts of meat to fresh readymade meals. But what I, and many more locals with me, love most about it: the sandwiches. And not just any sandwich. Slagerij Vet is home of the most famous sandwich of Amsterdam: the ‘broodje Zeedijk’.

Many years, I lived right around the corner of this tiny butcher. A dangerous fact, really, because I can confirm that after eating one ‘broodje Zeedijk’ (which just means sandwich Zeedijk, the name of the street), you will have a life-long addiction. This masterpiece consists of a short baguette, in-house smoked slices of chicken, crispy bacon, lettuce and – pay attention here – the secret Zeedijk sauce. This homemade curry-type sauce is so good, you can now even buy it in a bottle. But the recipe, of course, remains a family secret.

Besides this spellbinding sandwich, you might almost forget to try some of their other creations. What about the traditional ossenworst (Amsterdam’s raw beef sausage), homemade meatballs or grilled rib eye with truffle mayonnaise? You can’t really go wrong here. And with a price of €3.75 per sandwich, there’s not a better bang for your buck out there.

After you have received your order, take your sandwich outside, sit on the bench and enjoy the spectacle of Amsterdam’s oldest neighborhood while devouring the best sandwich you’ll have ever had.

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Kristel from Amsterdam

Kristel van der Burgh photo

I write for restaurants, so in my job I combine my two big loves: food & writing...

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Mon - Fri 07:30 - 18:00, Sat 07:30 - 17:00


Broodje Zeedijk: € 3.75


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