Anafiotika Athens

Image by Marilena Salamanou

Anafiotika – Lose yourself below the Acropolis!

Anafiotika: The island inside Athens city!

The story goes that a few decades ago a big earthquake close to Anafi island damaged a big part of the island in the Cyclades. Its inhabitants were forced to leave their place behind and move to Athens as everything was demolished.

So when the islanders moved to the big city they found a place under the Acropolis and started creating a neighbourhood using the architecture from their island… So even nowadays, after all these years, if you visit this place it feels like you are not in Athens, but rather on a Greek island. Small houses with their own gardens full of colourful flowers, white stone churches and cats running around.

Although it is so close to Athens’ most famous sight, the Acropolis, it is still a hidden gem. Even people that have spent their whole life in Athens have never visited it! I love losing myself in its narrow streets, among lemon trees and stray cats, to finally find a terrace to climb to and see Athens from above!

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Anafiotika, Athens

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24 hours daily
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