Herakleidon Museum Athens

Image by Aigli Andritsopoulou

Herakleidon Museum – The Museum of Art & Science

What do M.C Esher, Toulouse-Lautrec and Edvard Munch have in common? Except for the fact that their pioneering and remarkable artworks have influenced the way we perceive and interpret art from the 19th century until now, their original paintings and sculptures once shared the same museum room here in Athens.

Located in the heart of Athens in Thissio, under the shadow of the Parthenon in a vibrant pedestrian street full of small cafes and restaurants, Herakleidon Museum has been showcasing some of the most important and inspirational artists in history of art since 2004. Moreover, the museum provides fertile ground for exploration of the vital link between art and science. The relation between scientific inventions, mathematics and art is examined through the museum’s permanent exhibition “I Play and Understand”, a fun and innovative educational program for the whole family! 

I remember when I first visited Herakleidon with my parents back in 2005 at the opening of M.C. Escher ‘s original lithographs. I came back home that night and started searching for other artworks of the famous artist. That incident thrilled me, the experience remains imprinted on my memory and every time I am in the mood for unexpected ‘encounters’ with fine art I visit the museum Herakleidon. It is without doubt a museum that gives rise to emotions.

Just an extra tip: every time I visit the Herakleidon museum I pop by Lemoni, an amazing little bookstore right next door!

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Iraklidon 16, Athens

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Fri 13:00 - 21:00, Sat - Sun 11:00 - 19:00


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