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Antonis from Athens

Archaeology and my love for Athens turned into a constant quest to uncover its h...

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In the always unpredictable and restless Kypseli neighbourhood, Pâte et Crème is a pastry shop and workshop that genuinely restored my faith in the significance of a delicious sweet. The owner and pastry chef, Kostas, didn’t come from a family of confectioners, but he studied cookery and confectionery inspired by his family’s passion for good food. However, in the end, the confectionery’s chemistry and accuracy won him over.

The guiding principle of Pâte et Crème is achieving the perfect taste by using the proper techniques and natural raw materials. They use only French-branded butter, premium chocolate, and fresh fruits. Nothing at the pastry shop is premade; instead, everything is prepared from scratch in proper quantities to ensure that it is always fresh and consumed the same day. This is consistent with the policy of Pâte et Crème to reduce food waste in the entire process of preparation and consumption.

The meticulous look and distinct flavour of Pâte et Crème’s sweets are captivating. When I tasted their incredible millefeuille, the explosion of flavours made me forget about all the other millefeuille I have ever tried, while the perfectly balanced sweet and sour lemon tart is something unforgettable. Finally, I must also praise their croissants, which have the perfect buttery aftertaste that any croissant ought to have.

Pâte et Crème, with its masterful creations, genuinely gives me hope that life can be sweet and that enjoyment can be hidden in a spoonful.

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Antonis from Athens

Antonis Tsapepas photo

Archaeology and my love for Athens turned into a constant quest to uncover its h...

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Karterias 16, Athens

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Opening Times

Tue - Sat 10:00 - 21:00, Sun 10:00 - 16:00


Lemon Tart: € 3.80


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