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I am a designer based in Athens, Greece. I love traveling alone! I've spent ti...

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Pelargos (stork in English) is a unique little bookstore in Exarchia that opened in 2012. You can find books from previous centuries, limited collections, out-of-print editions, old magazines, newspapers, engravings from the 19th century or even older. Here every day is unpredictable because every old book you find has its own story.

It’s like a treasure hunt for the customers and the owner – Alexia. Entering the bookstore, some books will impress you, catch your attention, arouse your curiosity, or awaken some memory. The first time I visited the bookstore, I bought The original Peter Rabbit Miniature Collection: Books 1-12, a box set from 1989. Beatrix Potter, until today, is still one of my favorite authors, although she is well-known for children’s stories. Old books are ideal for gifts and truly unique due to the typography, binding also makes them unique because it is the work of a craftsman and of course, the aesthetics have changed over the years.

Some of the treasures that are featured on bookshelves were Aphorisms of Hippocrates, which was published in ancient Greek and Latin languages in 1627, and The First Collection of Cavafy’s poems, with illustrations by Takis Kalmouhou, which was released in 1935, just 2 years after poet’s death. Last but not least, there are the mini books (called miniatures with just 7,6 cm size publications); the bookstore is a member of the International Miniature Book Society. Every client has the opportunity for the joy of discovering a time travel reading experience!

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Asimina from Athens

Asimina Mitrothanasi photo

I am a designer based in Athens, Greece. I love traveling alone! I've spent ti...

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