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Image by Dimitris Hall

Pnyx – Chilling like the ancients

Τhere is a great number of fantastic places to chill near the Acropolis, but surprisingly, Pnyx (or Pnyka) is one of the less visited ones, especially given its historical importance. It’s the place where the Ekklesia, the assembly of the Ancient Athenian democracy, had their meetings and where well-known orators captivated their audience.

Sitting around Pnyx, it’s hard not to catch some of the direct democratic vibe. The stone vistas seem to have changed little in the interluding 2500 years that have transformed the rest of the city. The view over the Acropolis, as well as to the north and the north-west of the city and Mt. Parnitha, is one of the best in central Athens.

Unlike Areios Pagos (check the article “Areios Pagos – Athens 24/7 panorama”), a similar location where most people go to enjoy the view and relax overlooking the heart of the old town but is rather bare, Pnyx is, in contrast, much quieter and has a lot of trees surrounding it. I like staying there and then, after visiting the observatory which stands in the vicinity, returning to Apostolou Pavlou St through the narrow descending streets. Perfect place to spend a lazy afternoon, together with a take-away coffee and a cigarette, if you’re into these bad habits. Good company goes without saying. Try giving speeches to them while being there, you’ll feel quite important!

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Pnikos, Athens

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