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About Me
I am a teacher and examiner who made a home in Madrid many years ago. I love live music, art, books, travel, food and dancing and am well served for all my interests in Madrid. I live on a special plane where I exist as an eternal tourist (check out Alain de Botton’s book The Art of Travel) who maintains a sense of wonder in a familiar place. I love showing people round my favourite spots in Madrid but am never happier than when I am discovering new gems.

Why Madrid
Madrid seduced me when I first visited, with its untamed and unapologetic Spanishness. We came to look at art and we did, but what we weren’t expecting was how wild the nightlife was, and what incredible energy and stamina the Madrileños possessed when it came to having a good time! The food back then was only ok, or so I thought at the time. Now it is incredible! A foodie’s heaven. Madrid is a noisy place – you get used to it; a dry place (good for the bones!) It is a place that is growingly multi-cultural, and this is reflected in society through the popular medium of food!

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