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Andrea Lucy Roberts (1965)

About Me
I’m a freelance TEFL and EAP teacher although I come from an Arts background. I like exploring, discovering new things and revisiting my favourite places too. I’m from London originally but I’ve been living in Madrid so long – 25 years! I’m in a state of flow here – I love it! I probably post too many photos of Madrid on Instagram, but its like my baby that I want everyone to coo over and admire!

Why Madrid
Madrid is a wonderful place to live – it evolves while retaining a lot of its old charm. I work hard like everyone else here, but the MadrileƱos motto should be “All work and no play…” There’s no dull boys here! We like to be out and about, burning the candle at both ends! The weather, the food, the old and new and the people are all great reasons to visit Madrid! Do come and check it out, and when you do, visit my spots! They really are my favourite places. You’ll be welcomed with open arms, and fall in love with this wonderful town just as I did!

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