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Ward Maps – Every traveler needs a map

I love maps. I love pulling out my old map of Stockholm, marked up with Xs and arrows, and how that will remind me of afternoons wandering between the islands of the city. I love looking at my maps of the White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire, remembering all of the peaks that I’ve seen and the ones that I have yet to explore. Maps can be an inspiration, they can be a journal in geographic form, and they can be a snapshot of a place in a certain time.

Ward Maps is great because that shop understands this curious love. In the same way that record stores have bins and bins of rare and interesting vinyl, Ward Maps has bins of antique and vintage maps — everything from street maps of 18th century Montreal to railroad surveys of early 20th century India. They also traffic in all manner of gifts for the geographic nerds that we all know and love. Globes, coasters, vintage transit memorabilia — they’re a great place for that sort of indulgence.

But, really, I just like coming here on days where the wanderlust is heavy, but the timing is inconvenient. I may not always have the time to jet off to Istanbul, but I can go to Ward Maps and look at a map of Constantinople and let my mind wander for a bit.

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