Altitude 100 Brussels

Image by Renata Riva

Altitude 100 – Highest point in town

Altitude 100 is a fascinating place in the commune of Forest in Brussels.

First of all it’s the highest point in Brussels: 100m above sea level. That’s where its name comes from. But that’s not all.

The whole area was designed at the beginning of the 20th century with its center being built between 1932 and 1935. It’s a church, the Saint Augustin church.

Architects Guiannotte and Watteyne designed the church following the then-trendy Art Deco style. They also decided to use reinforced concrete, which back then wasn’t being used much and wasn’t very stable as a material.

They also got inspiration from the old Egyptians: its proportions are based on those used by Egyptians to build the pyramids. Try to find its signs when looking at it!

The next interesting thing is that the church lies at the center of a big roundabout with 8 streets coming to it, making it the very heart of the whole neighborhood.

The church is open for functions, but if religion isn’t your thing, you can always get something to eat at the many restaurants around, like the Belgian Schievelavabo, or the Italian Così Com’è (currently closed due to COVID-19 measures) or head to the Parc de Forest or Parc Duden.


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Place de l'Altitude Cent, Brussels

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24 hours daily


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