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André Corrado (1974)

About me
I was born in Malta a few decades ago and spent my childhood running barefoot along the sea. Since then I have lived, studied and worked in various European cities until I settled in Brussels in 2008. The sea, however, stays in my blood.

Throughout my life, I have done several things. I have studied Archaeology and spent many blissful (and blistering) moments crouched on the ground looking at the past. Currently, however, my work is linked with the future – more specifically that of the European Union. In between these two ends, I have set up, run and sold my own business, taught history and geography and worked as a translator.

In the end, however, writing remains one of my biggest passions and it is why I chose to become a Spotter. I also have my own blog, called inter*alia.

Why Brussels
I find that Brussels is a bit like the ‘ugly duckling’: it is grossly underestimated but has plenty of hidden beauty. It is a cosmopolitan city that maintains human proportions; an eclectic urban space that is dotted with beautiful parks and gardens. And while there is nothing to do about the weather, there are plenty of great bars and good-quality restaurants to help lift one’s spirits!

Where else can you find me online?

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