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Sarah Filion (1986)

About me
Originally from Montreal, I’ve always dreamed of seeing the world. My interests in politics and travelling led me to a career in international relations and inevitably to Brussels, which I first discovered in 2010 while studying for my Master’s degree. Living in Europe was my dream, and living it is better than I imagined. On a daily basis, I try to fulfill my addiction to hygge, my quest for beauty, my passion for excitement and my pursuit of happiness – and that of others.

Why Brussels
All roads led me (and led me back) to Brussels. After all, it is the capital of Europe! Brussels is an easy-going city with an easy-going people where you can have a very comfortable life. In Brussels, I can be my francophone-self.
Brussels is a city that is misunderstood, often snubbed by travelers or even the people who live here. I have a soft spot for underdogs.

What’s exciting about Brussels is that it’s not yet overrated; it’s up-and-coming, still authentic. It’s a city full of potential and new places to discover.

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