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Wouter Spitters (1978)

About me
I was born and raised in Leuven, a small but dynamic student town not far from Brussels. I’m a music addict and cinema aficionado, interested in sports, photography and good food.

Thanks to some coincidences at my job I had the opportunity to work a year in the lovely city of Genoa. When I came back from Italy and had to look again for a nice place to live, Brussels was the obvious choice for me.

Why Brussels?
Not only because of its central position, the availability of jobs and a good connection to all major Belgian cities but even more because of the high density of nice bars, restaurants, concerts, quality cinema, expositions and events in a vibrant and cosmopolitical environment.

Its diversity (there are so many cultures in Brussels the majority is a minority) and its influences on the food, music, movies, etc, languages, etc you see, hear and taste.

There is some kind of unity because we all fight the same battles in life, regardless of origin, colour, orientation or whatsoever.

There is only very limited attention for the dark forces that try to set cultures in opposition to each other. Live & let live.

Where can you find me online?

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