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Image by Sarah Filion

Brussels “Impasses” – Hidden routes to the past

One thing I like about Brussels is its historical charm; it’s an old city with an interesting past. The city-center is full of beautiful historical buildings and is well-worth visiting. When I first walked around in Brussels, I discovered another charming aspect of the city – its passages, also known as the “Impasses” in French; hidden dead end routes, which you can find in all corners of the center.

Indeed, Brussels has a few narrow alleys and impasses that are beyond charming, giving you a small town feel, where you can step into the past (almost literally). I’m not talking about famous and obvious passages such as the Galeries royales St-Hubert (which are absolutely gorgeous and a must-see in Brussels, of course). I’m talking about hidden ones. My favorite being the Rue de la Cigogne (photo) in St-Catherine. So cute! Its entrance arch, little houses, old cobblestones, the trees… adorable. There’s also the famous impasses leading to old-school bars L’Imaige Nostre-Dame or Au Bon Vieux Temps, which adds to the historical discoveries. Find these hidden passages and impasses, and step into Brussels’ past!

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