Coftale Bucharest

Image by Diana Goanta

Coftale – The best coffee tale

If you are a coffee person, like myself, you will love it here. If not, I guarantee you will start drinking coffee, trust me.

Once you have entered this spacious and very elegant 1920s house you will feel like time has stopped: crystal chandeliers, terracotta stoves and high ceilings – you’ve definitely entered the land of coffee. They even have a very homey terrace in the courtyard of the house, which is perfect during the hot summer days as it’s naturally shaded.

At Coftale, not only can you try their delicious classic coffees, like the popular espresso, cappuccino or café latte, but also ones prepared via innovative methods, like the Siphon Coffee Maker, AeroPress or V60 Dripper. You definitely feel like you’re in a chemistry lab when everything is prepared right in front of you and you also get to learn about the coffee acidity, smell or aftertaste, as the baristas here are also very talented storytellers. You also get to physically choose which type of coffee you want freshly brewed, either from Ethiopia, Guatemala, Rwanda or Columbia, by smelling the coffee beans in the bags that are brought to your table and you’ll learn how to differentiate the chocolate flavours from the flower ones.

I can assure you that the whole experience here is like a ritual and, if coffee is still not your thing, I can also recommend the apple steamer (steamed milk) or the spiced chai.

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Details about this spot



Stefan Mihaileanu 42, Bucharest

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Opening Times

10:00 - 22:00 daily


Brew: Leu 14

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