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Gol Ebrahimpour-Mirzaie (1985)

About me
I am a designer specialised in food related design. Therefore I enjoy anything that has to do with food whenever I travel but also when I explore my own hometown.

A good grocery shop, the best bread, the strongest coffee, the newest restaurant? Most of the time I know where to go. In cases where I don’t I help myself by asking locals or one of the Spotted by Locals apps.

Besides cooking and baking (of course!) I love being a host, both: for dinners and for couchsurfers, friends, tourists. I love speaking other languages that I learned during the times I lived abroad (Barcelona in 2009 for half a year and Amsterdam/Rotterdam for one and a half years). As a result of my hobbies I wish I owned a café, a hostel or bed & breakfast.

Why Cologne?
Cologne is my hometown and a lovely small city that is divided into a lot of different parts. Big enough to always explore something new and small enough to feel comfortable within a short time. Most people call the “Colonians” or “Rheinländer”(People living in the area around Cologne and the Rhine) happy, friendly and open-hearted.

Since I moved a lot within in Cologne I know quite a lot of areas (called “Veedel”) pretty well but still have a long list of things to do and to see. It is a lot more than only visiting the famous Dom or celebrating carnival.

What I also really like about Cologne is how it is located: Through the short distances to many other countries like Belgium, the Netherlands or France and its good infrastructure, there is always a short trip for the weekend or even day-trips possible. Perfect for me as a travel fiend!

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