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Gol from Cologne

I wish I owned a café, a hostel or bed & breakfast. Cologne is my hometown and ...

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The tip for the “best ice cream in town” came from a friend of mine, a food-lover and gastronomist who is usually pretty critical, but always honest. So if he says “best ice cream” it would be well deserved.

Luckily the summer here in Cologne is pretty long or, actually, the winter doesn’t exist temperature wise. Therefore I’ve had the chance to try the all organic and homemade ice creams of the Gelateria Cafeteria Süd many, many times. Well of course, to be honest, one try would have been sufficient but I simply couldn’t resist trying a few more of Lisa and Pietros’ delicious ice cream selection, which changes every day.

Here at the Gelateria Cafeteria Süd the couple have founded a place in the Southern part of Cologne which could well be in Italy itself. Besides an extraordinary and excellent selection of Italian ice cream (e.g.: peanut dream, toffee with salty chocolate, dark chocolate sorbet with 60% cocoa, pine nuts) and sorbets which vary weekly, they offer other delicious Italian sweet specialties that match with it well. For example “brioche Italiano” and hot waffles (with ice-cream and cream of course!) which I personally love, especially for those short, cold and grey days that you have here in winter.

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Gol from Cologne

Gol Ebrahimpour-Mirzaie photo

I wish I owned a café, a hostel or bed & breakfast. Cologne is my hometown and ...

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Mainzer Str.77, Cologne

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Tue - Fri 10:00 - 18:00, Sat - Sun 11:00 - 18:00


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