Südstadion Flea Market Cologne

Image by Gol Ebrahimpour-Mirzaie

Südstadion Flea Market – Trash or treasures

Although I visit flea markets regularly, the Südstadion Flohmarkt (as the name indicates: in the southern part of Cologne) is the one I like the most. Unfortunately it is only once a month, on the first Sunday. But maybe that’s what makes it so special.

Even if one of the best DJs was in town on a Saturday night, I would skip that in order to wake up early and go to the flea market. It seems like even the sellers are looking forward to the Südstadion Flohmarkt because they have really lovely and especially chosen articles instead of just odds and ends. Therefore the Südstadion Flohmarkt, although it’s a flea market, has never had a typical trash charm.

It is located in an area where mostly wealthy people live so there is always a big chance of getting really good, high quality vintage clothes, old rare porcelain or antique expensive treasures from someone’s grandmother. Everything comes at a price and here they are a bit higher, but hey, you’re at a market and allowed to bargain anytime! So did I when I bought these wonderful garden chairs and the table which you can see in the picture above. After standing in the garden of a politician’s villa in its former life they got another life on my balcony as you can see here (check my Sushi Ninja article).

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Vorgebirgstrasse 84, Cologne

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1st Sun of the month 11:00 - 18:00


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