Kebapland Cologne

Image by Gol Ebrahimpour-Mirzaie

Kebapland – Best Turkish kebab sandwiches

My favorite Turkish snackbar in Ehrenfeld is definitely the Kebapland. The smell that the grilled meat produces is spread along the Venloer Strasse (Venloer street), and you won’t miss it, as long as you follow your nose.

“Ehrenfeld” is a part of Cologne that is famous for the high amount of people with an oriental background. Therefore there are plenty of Turkish shops, baklava cafes and snack bars. “Kebapland”, however, is a real gem; the different kinds of skewer of meat (minced lamb, chicken and others) fresh from the charcoal grill are served in a crusty bread with salad and delicious sauces. The result is a super juicy sandwich with a nice smoky flavor. If you don’t want bread you can also order a plate of Adana which is served with rice. Both offers are really delicious and for € 4 per sandwich you definitely get your money’s worth.

Kebapland is in a container so there are only a few places to sit. But it is comfortable and a great place from where you can see and feel the vibrant and hectic atmosphere of the “Venloer Strasse”. The staff is always friendly and mindful, so all in all a great place to relax, enjoy a good meal and kick back to the sound of the “Venloer Strasse”.

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Details about this spot



Venloerstraße 385, Cologne

Opening Times

11:30 - 01:00 daily


Meat sandwich: € 4

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