Stiefel Cologne

Image by Stephan Wehrle

Stiefel – This boot is made for drinkin’

The ‘Stiefel’ (boot) is a legend. This is a pub where you can definitely not go to in a gala or business outfit. That wouldn’t disturb anyone later on though, because probably no one would notice.

Actually, I can not tell very much about the ‘Stiefel’, at least not what happens during the day or how exactly the establishment looks. The Stiefel is a late late late pub, the one which I always go to last in the evening. It is also located in a nightlife district (Zülpicherstreet) opposite ‘Bei Oma Kleinmann’ (check out the article ‘Bei Oma Kleinmann – Home of the Schnitzel‘).

For example, when I am out for dinner, or watching football with friends and then I’m in other bars until they start to close, THAT is when I go to the Stiefel – and whenever I go it is well attended. The people are in a good mood and the music is rocky and loud. Mostly I fight my way right through to the bar and get a round of beer. And another one. And then maybe a cocktail. And there is also table football.

Almost every time I am in the Stiefel I get in conversation with someone new. The shabby-chic style one must like. But hey, it’s an honest pub and Anthony Hopkins liked it too. In his film ‘Collide’.

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Zülpicher Str. 18, Cologne

Opening Times

Sun - Thu 18:00 - 02:00, Fri - Sat 18:00 - 05:00

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