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William Nordmark Nielsen (1994)

About me
I recently concluded many years of studying, with a master’s degree in International Development and Global Studies at Roskilde University. After finishing 20 years of education I am now enrolled in the continuous education that is life! I am currently active in Humanity in Action, an NGO focusing on human rights and societal pluralism. This leads to my passions, where the debate and defense on/for human rights is one, together with coffee, plants, books, activism, art, architecture, city-planning, nature, movies, and last but not least, traveling! Therefore I hope to inspire you through my writing.

Why Copenhagen
I have now moved back and forth from Copenhagen, three(!) times, most recently in May this year (2021) and every time it has brought me new perspectives and challenged my senses and everyday life. I have lived in four (4) different neighbourhoods and each has brought something unique and authentic. Copenhageners are proud of their city and their hoods and they ought to be! There is so much to experience and encounter.

Where else can you find me online?

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