Fibber Magees Dublin

Image by Ginger Greenidge

Fibber Magees – Careful now, it’s rocking great!

Whenever my friends, who are visiting Dublin, ask me about truly non-touristic places around here, I always point to Fibber Magees – the most rocking bar of them all. This is the place where locals go for the one last pint and indeed a song when most of the pubs are already closed for the night (usually pubs close around 11:30pm, but Fibbers will still be rocking till 3am).

You will find here two stages (the second one is hidden downstairs and sometimes you need to pay to get in) and a large beer garden with a unique smoking area, which is almost a novelty in Dublin. Very relaxing atmosphere, 5 pool tables and a working jukebox with heavy metal or at least rock songs, make this place like a magnet for the most bizarre and diverse people you will care to meet in the city.

Almost every Irish band worth knowing has had a gig here and Fibbers continues its over 30-year-old tradition of hosting live bands every weekend. Come down, have a pint and if you are a musician, bring your guitar for sure. If not for playing, then for a new set of strings that you can buy from a vending machine inside the bar.

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Parnell Street 87, Dublin

Telephone number


Opening Times

12:00 - 03:00 daily


Pint of lager: € 6


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