Moore Street Dublin

Image by Ginger Greenidge

Moore Street – Way Moore than meets the eye

Even though recently Dublin, as a city, has become more associated with the tech-savvy scenery of the world’s giants’ HQs, Moore Street looks as if time had somehow stopped. This is home to one of the oldest street markets in Dublin City.

“Ten bananas for two euroooos” – like a mantra repeated by the ladies of Moore Street selling their goodies, it will be drilled in your head, forever engraved on your memories from visiting Dublin. When you stroll through Moore Street you can’t help the feeling that Molly Malone is reincarnated at least several times and flirting with any passer-by who even glimpsed at her stall. It’s all so beautiful and vivid and full of life, with noise and voices and songs. Between all-Irish Mollies nowadays you will also find small Chinese shops with electronics, Brazilian extensions for any type of hair, or even Indian all-you-can-eat buffets, making it a very honest representation of the society.

And then there is the history… It was here, (numbers 14-17) where Irish Volunteers were planning and carried out the 1916 Easter Rising, marked by historians as the key moment in the Irish journey to independence. You can still see holes in these houses marked by the bullets exchanged during the Rising.

And when you take it all in, the beauty and history of this place, try to look around the street and find a little dragon, sitting comfortably on one of the roofs, observing and protecting the life that colourfully happens on iconic Moore Street.

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Moore Street, Dublin

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