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Nina Kristin Gür (1981)

About me
I’m a workaholic employed in the fashion-industry and I love traveling- for business and spending holidays with my husband.

Whenever planning a trip, I always try to find hotels or better apartments close to areas which are more likely frequented by locals than by tourists. I’d rather skip a sight in favor of strolling through some neighbourhood to find a great café or inspirational boutiques.

The reason why I chose to become a Spotter: I love to recommend special places to people who enjoy exploring the spirit of foreign places the way I do it, and I proudly see myself as an ambassador for Frankfurt.

My further interests, both at home and abroad are good food in general (cooking & dining), lots of sports, fashion of course :), and spending time with our friends all over the globe.

My favourite cities besides my hometown Frankfurt are Capetown and Paris, but I’m sure there are many more waiting to conquer my heart.

Why Frankfurt?
Frankfurt is a melting pot of different cultures and is very open-minded to all of them. The airport, the international fairs and the finance industry attract people from all over the world.

While offering lots of cultural events such as concerts (increasingly in one of our great parks), exhibitions, and nightlife on the weekends, people also like to meet up in bars and restaurants during the week, especially in the summer. When we feel like going out on a Tuesday, we’ll always meet some familiar faces.

Frankfurt is proud of its different neighbourhoods, like Nordend, Sachsenhausen, Bockenheim and others. Each of them has its own character and lots of great places to offer.

The Frankfurt crowd is very much “down to earth”, knows how to party and feels more comfortable in jeans and sneakers than in suits and heels, which perfectly suits my style.

The beauty of the city might not be revealed at first sight, but if you are ready to get involved, you’ll be surprised at how warmly welcomed you’ll feel in a very short time.

Even though I grew up somewhere else, I’ve never felt at home as fast as I did here.

Where can you find me online?

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