Rock Circus Ghent

Image by Jordi François

Rock Circus – A hidden quiet spot in Overpoort

When visiting Ghent you’ll definitely plan a night out. Ghent has a very unique nightlife, and there is something for everyone. When you ask the inhabitants of Ghent where to go out, you’ll definitely hear the name ‘Overpoort’ a couple of times. The Overpoort is a street filled with bars where, mostly, students go out at night.

If you’re not feeling like a really hardcore night, or you just want to prepare for the really hardcore night: you can go to a bar called ‘Rock Circus’. It’s a really nice bar where you can try tons of different beers. Here you can relax a little bit and remove yourself from the chaos that’s going on in the street just outside the bar. You’ll soon find out that Overpoort is a big party street, but Rock Circus takes it in a more relaxed way.

So if you want to feel the party atmosphere, but you’re not really sure you’ll like it, definitely start at Rock Circus!

Little fact: Rock Circus has the most special beers on tap, so you’ll have enough to choose from. If you really love this bar, you should definitely go to ‘Back Door’. This bar is owned by the same person and the interior is just as original and cool as it is in Rock Circus.

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Details about this spot



Overpoortstraat 22, Ghent

Opening Times

Mon - Fri 17:00 - 04:00, Sat 20:00 - 04:00


Special beer: € 5


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