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Oleksandr Shapovalov

About me
I arrived in Kyiv to study at our national polytechnic university and stayed here after my graduation. I work in IT, which has been growing fast in Ukraine for the past several years.

I try to travel as much as I can to Europe or some faraway countries. It helps me accept and admit both the negative and the positive sides in my city and country. Meeting new people and cultures helps you understand other people and their way of life.

I’m a fan of urbanism and the development of modern cities. It is always great to spot the best relevant practices all over the world, and especially to notice them when they appear in Kyiv.

Why Kyiv
Kyiv has many sides.

One side is its population. Kyiv is located in the middle of the country, and each year young people from all over come here to study at universities. They often stay after their studies. So, the city has a population with a mix of views and languages (Ukrainian and Russian).

The other is the development and improvements in the urbanism and how comfortable it is becoming for locals. It’s true that, like most post-USSR cities, Kyiv has many cars and bad traffic. However, over the past years, the situation has been changing. It is very inspiring to see that the city has become more and more comfortable for everyone.

Last but not least, new and trendy places are appearing like mushrooms after rain. And there are tons of them: bars, coffee places, restaurants or some mix of all of those. At some moment, you admit to yourself that you can’t visit everything new. So you try to stick with your favorite places and sometimes go for adventure to find something new.

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