Gogi Kyiv

Image by Oleksandr Shapovalov

Gogi – Feel the Tbilisi taste

Over the past years, many different restaurants with Georgian cuisine have appeared in Kyiv. And actually there are very good reasons for such a trend. Georgian cuisine is tasty, portions are large, the food (at least the ingredients) are more or less familiar for people and doesn’t seem as fancy as it might be in some Franch restaurants. So, my advice in general, if you want to try some Georgian cuisine, you could go to any of the places that are closest to you. Kyiv has a couple of great networks (check Svetlana’s article Mama Manana – Georgia on my mind, Gogi, Hinkalna). Last but not least, part of Georgian cuisine is wine, and you could have some of that great Georgian wine there too.

However, my personal Georgian place is Gogi. I have traveled across Georgia and every time I come here it reminds me of those great days. Of course, Georgia and the food itself is just a context to have a great evening with your friends enjoying khinkali and a glass of wine. My father always asks me to bring him here at each of his visit to Kyiv, he has become a big fan of khinkali 🙂

One of my other favorite places is Musafir, which has very similar cuisine but with a Crimean and Mediterranean accent. Check my other article Musafir Restaurant – Food with a brave taste about it.

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Lva Tolstoho Street 13, Kyiv

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11:00 - 23:00 daily


4 khinkali: UAH 72


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