Asmalouka Minsk

Image by Iryna Pranovich

Asmalouka – Soul of the city

This low building in the heart of the city works like a time machine for me. I can only imagine life was about 70 years ago, when the district of Asmalouka was just built. How people would walk around there, buying apartments there, living their everyday life. How has it changed over the years?

But now it is a piece of history, architectural heritage. I love to walk there alone, visit cozy yards and focusing on details: buildings, facades, decorations, windows – how different they are! During winter, I like to enjoy the snowfall while sitting in one of the coffee places in this district. In early autumn, this district is golden because of the old trees near road. It also has the smell of autumn, as in a park. In summertime, I enjoy early morning breakfasts here, it’s a piece of calm in the middle of the busy city life.

The place has its own story, it has its own vibe.

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Asmaloŭka, Minsk

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24 hours daily
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