Museum of Boulders Minsk

Image by Evgeny Kosyakov

Museum of Boulders – A quiet place to walk

A piece of silence, tranquility and harmony right in the metropolis – it is possible!
If you are tired of the bustle of the city and you just want to be in silence – you are here.

The Museum of Boulders is an integral composition. The entire map of the Republic of Belarus is recreated to scale here: 1 meter equals a real 2 km, and 1 meter in height a real 100 meters. The country’s border is represented in the form of low trimmed bushes. Regional cities are marked by 3 blue spruces (only 2 Christmas trees remained on the site of the city of Brest). Rivers are shown by paths strewn with small pebbles. The whole landscape is an exact reduced copy of the landscape of the Republic of Belarus.

The museum has about 2,500 stones and boulders. Interesting fact: those boulders that are used to indicate some kind of hills were brought from the areas they represent. Also, there are 2 reservoirs (Lake Naroch and Zaslavsky reservoir) in the form of concrete troughs in the museum’s grounds.

I love to take a walk here when the soul requires a break from the bustle. I recommend you do it, too! 🙂

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Boulder Avenue, Minsk

Opening Times

24 hours daily


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