Voronezh Moscow

Image by Andrey Berezkin

Voronezh – 4 storeys of meat

This is a place where no veggie would dare to appear – this whole historical building is occupied with meat restaurants and each storey is different from the others. 

First of all let me explain to you the meaning of the name. If you tell somebody in Russia about Voronezh, they’ll think of a big city to the south of Moscow. But meat lovers know that is one of the region where we grow Black Angus cows.

So let’s start the journey from the 3rd storey. This is a splurge restaurant for those who know the worth of premium. 

The second storey features mid-range restaurants with nice steaks and a great variety of courses. 

But the most famous part is the first storey that combines a market and a bistrot. The meat market has a good quality offering and some rare things for Moscow such as pastrami and corn beef. As for the bistrot, it’s famous for one of the best burgers in the whole city. Well, choosing the best burger is now even more difficult than finding a place to sit in the metro at rush hour. But you can be sure that the quality will be great. Don’t even look for fast food chains – burgers can be a chef’s course too!

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Details about this spot



Prechistenka st., 4, Moscow

Telephone number


Opening Times

08:00 - 00:00 daily


Voronezh steak: RUB 750


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