Wine and Crab Moscow

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Wine and Crab – Crabs, crabs, crabs

Hidden in a cellar just a few blocks away from the Kremlin, there is a cozy seafood restaurant run by the famous Berezutskie twin brothers. They have crabs. Lots of crabs. A selection of 9 varietes of crabs, made eat-your-tongue-style (as always when you encounter one of the Berezutskie brothers’ projects) together with the right wine from a huge wine list. Of course there are the “regular” famous king crabs from Kamchatka region, but here you can try the rare blue or hairy crabs as well.

While cooked crabs are exceptionally good, I honestly tend to order some advanced meals (with crabs inside, of course), and that’s what I like the Berezutskie brothers for. For starters, order a glass of Southern Russia wine, Kamchatka crab salad & “three crabs toast”. Enjoy slowly, looking at the crabs crawling in a huge aquarium in the middle of the restaurant. To fill your stomach, get a Crab “Pozharsky” cake, which is more like a cutlet, with mashed potato and mustard grain sauce, which is never a thing you can enjoy “slowly”. I guarantee you’ll finish it within a minute, despite its decent size.

Don’t miss the delicious “crab bonbons”, which is a fingerfood made of crabs with various ingredients like passion fruit or guacamole mixed in. One is not enough. Take a box of a dozen bonbons to enjoy at home.

Prices are overall above moderate for a typical restaurant, but given the atmosphere, the “crabs” diet & location, they are lower than you might expect.

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Details about this spot



Nikolskaya street, 19-21, Moscow

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Opening Times

12:00 - 00:00 daily


Main course: RUB 1500


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