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Chloe from Munich

Munich somehow gives me the feeling that I didn't choose it but that deep down, ...

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Museum Lichtspiele is actually a cinema, and over a hundred years old. The building has a history of its own, reflected in Munich’s own history over the past 100 years so to speak, riding the waves and taking the good times with the bad. And yet, it still stands and you can really feel why when you go there.

Museum Lichtspiele isn’t a multiplex cinema, its a small cult cinema. The auditoriums seat between just 50 – 90 people. It has the longest running of ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’. Since 1977 Rocky Horror has been screening here, traditionally at 11 pm on Friday and Saturday nights. The auditorium’s interiors are fascinating. I am honestly lost for words when it comes to describing the interior: there are four auditoriums, each one completely different to the next.

The cinema shows films in Original Voice, has a good selection on offer and a petit candy bar which serves drinks and cinema snacks. I always take cheddar cheese pretzel pieces. If you want to grab something to eat before arriving, fellow Spotter Alexander’s favorite Pizzesco is just around the corner. Maybe you can combine the two and make a night of it?

I love going to this cinema on a lazy weekend afternoon, hiding away for a few hours, nestled in a velvet cinema chair with my cheddar cheese pretzel pieces. And I think you might just enjoy it as well!

Sidenote: reserve your tickets online beforehand! It’s easy!

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Chloe from Munich

Chloe Templeton photo

Munich somehow gives me the feeling that I didn't choose it but that deep down, ...

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