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About me
I grew up on the sunny side of the Alps, in Slovenia, and my interest in wooden architecture took me to Norway during my studies. As you can see, I never left and I am happy and proud to call the North my home now. I work as an architect, but my creative brain always engages with numerous other fun projects on the side: I have a small design brand called Leva, organize pop-up foodie events with friends or develop ideas in Ohøy design collective.

My biggest playground, however, is nature, and there is plenty of it in Norway. I love the great outdoors and I try to dedicate most of my free time to surfing, biking, snowboarding, free-diving or just road-tripping around.

Why Oslo
I can compare Oslo to a bag of “smågodt” (mixed candy) – there are always some pieces that won’t be to your liking, but you can surely find a handful that you will absolutely adore. My love for this city grew slowly and gradually – Oslo definitely isn’t one of those sweet-talking charmers you had a summer crush on. If it were a person, I would picture it more as an introverted and soft-spoken fisherman with a big white beard, who, once you got to know him, would be an endless source of interesting stories and cozy company.

What I like most about this city is its perfect balance between nature and urbanity, its easygoing vibe and healthy lifestyle. I find the possibilities it offers quite a luxury – not many capitals are surrounded with cross-country trails, fantastic forests that are perfect for biking or sandy beaches where you can get a true summer vibe. Oslo really is a perfect hub for spontaneous and fun adventures.

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