Gorica Hill Podgorica

Image by Maja Markovic

Gorica Hill – A true oasis

Gorica is the biggest hill in Podgorica and, at the same time, city got its name from it. Podgorica literally means “under Gorica”. It is a green oasis in the middle of the city. Temperature is always lower during summer, and the air is much more fresh. You can see people walking, jogging, cycling or just chilling out.

It is very easy to reach since it is in the city centre. Another thing about it is that it has lots of places to visit. At its very entrance there is a church. When you go in, you can find two coffee shops/bars. The one just when you go in is called Klub Bocara  and the other is a bit further up. That place also has a small adventure park that might be interesting for children.

Finally, there is a monument for the partizans that were killed here during WWII. If you want to act as a true Podgorica local, buy popcorn from the man outside of the gate, take it with you to “Klub bocara” and enjoy your snacks and drink before continuing your walk — or after you finish it ( :

Additionally, there is a newly opened “Mediterranean garden” on the hill, containing different herbal species and plants. My favorite place there is a wooden sunbed for two that is a perfect place to soak some sun surrounded by trees. The best thing about this place is that it has been done as a project by local NGO and school. 

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Gorica Hill, Podgorica

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