Art-kino Croatia Rijeka

Image by Fred Demark

Art-kino Croatia – Cinema with a soul

Is there a thing as nostalgia-inducing as an old cinema? Walls draped in red velvet, the soft glow of dimmed lights, vintage photos of movie stars from another era… Art-kino Croatia is one such place, a refuge for true cinemaphiles, proudly resisting the fake glitz and glamour of a typical 21st century multiplex.

First opened in 1927, the venue was closed, restored, reopened and renamed several times, but it has always remained a bastion of pure Cinema. It’s accessible and open to the public in every possible way: it’s conveniently located in the city centre, the tickets are affordable, the program fantastic and versatile, catering to every age group and aiming to ignite a passion for cinema culture in the local community.

You’ll often come across a movie premiere with the director and the cast hanging around chatting with visitors, or a themed movie festival providing enough entertainment for a week’s stay. You will never be bombarded with commercials or forced to buy overpriced popcorn and drinks – it’s all about the art of cinema, from the Art-kino Film Library in the entrance hall to that thrilling moment when the lights go out and the crowd goes quiet before the screening. Enjoy!

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KreŇ°imirova ulica 2, Rijeka

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Daily depending on schedule


Ticket: HRK 20


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