Coppedè Neighborhood Rome

Image by Andrea Bertozzi

Coppedè Neighborhood – Architecture and symbols

There is a place in Rome that is different from all the other spots you have ever seen. Forget about the ancient Roman ruins and go to visit the neighbourhood Coppedé. This magical location is entirely different from the rest of the city.

Located in a “new” area of Rome, built at the beginning of the 20th century and part of the bigger district of Trieste, the neighbourhood Coppedè is like visiting a museum, as it is rich with every possible kind of architectural style. As you visit the location, you will discover that the facades of every palace have been taken care of down to the smallest detail. Unfortunately, entering the buildings where people live isn’t possible, as they are private apartments.

Take the time to visit the neighbourhood and do it in the daytime, maybe at sunset, to enjoy this beautiful architecture. When staying in front of the palaces or on the main square, let yourself go and start losing yourself in the decorations of these houses. You might find a secret message the architect wanted to convey, as if he was himself a Freemason.

You probably won’t have the possibility, as the Beatles had after a concert in Rome, to bathe in the fountain at Piazza Mincio, but still, you can enjoy the beauty of it. One is sure that this beautiful area’s ornaments and details will leave you completely astonished.

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Piazza Mincio, Rome

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