Sally Brown Rude Pub Rome

Image by Matteo Mueller-Thies

Sally Brown Rude Pub – From Ska to Rocksteady

I am a huge fan of Ska and Punk music, and if you are too, or if you simply enjoy a characteristic, down-to-earth pub, you should definitely visit the Sally Brown!

The Sally Brown Rude Pub is, and has been for almost 20 years now, a major reference point for the city’s Ska and Rocksteady movement. And since I cannot go on for too long without this kind of music, I quickly discovered, and almost immediately became a regular, in this little gem in the heart of San Lorenzo!

But even if you are not devoted to this kind of music, the Sally Brown Rude Pub is always worth a visit, especially if you are looking for a fun, but relaxed evening that you don’t want to spend at home. While most of the rude boys normally stay outside for a smoke and a chat, inside you will find hundreds of posters from Italian and international Ska bands, amongst lots of football scarves and walls covered with black & white tiles… come on, how could it get any more Ska than this?

Also, many of the people there are regulars who will be delighted to help you choose your beer from their small, but carefully selected range of draft-beers, which changes every two months or so, yet manages to somehow always be fantastic.

So, be a good rude-boy and girl and go skank at the Sally Brown! (especially on Fri- and Saturdays when they have live-music or DJ-sets!)

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Details about this spot



Via Degli Etruschi 3, Rome

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Opening Times

19:00 - 03:00 daily


Beer: € 5

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