Triangular House Saint Petersburg

Image by Arseny Veber

Triangular House – Like a clothes iron

You probably know that there is a triangular building on Fifth Avenue in New York that’s famous worldwide for its clothes iron shape. What if I tell you that we have even two “iron-buildings” in St. Petersburg? Recently, I checked out one of them.

The iron-house is located in a historical district of St. Petersburg called Kolomna. Once upon a time, I was walking along the embankment of the Fontanka River. Suddenly, my attention was attracted by a very sharp corner of a triangular house located at the crossroad of Sadovaya Street and the Fontanka embankment. In comparison with other historical buildings in the city center, the façade of the iron-house looks a little  “empty”. Later, I read that the first owner of the house just wanted to save money on construction in 1911-1912 and decided not to decorate it. That’s why the architect has made it as simple as possible.

What I was most interested in was to check what the courtyard of such a house would look like! All the buildings in the center of St. Petersburg have their mysterious and sometimes frightening well-yards. The iron-house could not be an exception.

So yes, the well-yard of this house also has the shape of the iron, which makes the whole atmosphere inside it even more mysterious. It also reminds me of a ship’s hold when I look at the sky.

Check it out and maybe you will have even more interesting associations.

The code of the entrance bell is #2613 😉

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