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Ben from Saint Petersburg

I'm a regular at local running events. I love how every stone in St. Pete has a ...

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It is quite likely that nearly everyone has heard of, or even taken part in a parkrun at some point or other. Basically every Saturday morning, in locations around the world, runners come together to run 5k at whatever speed they feel like – slow or fast. This is a community event rather than a competition, so everyone is cheerful, supportive and positive.

The parkrun movement is becoming ever more popular in Russia, and St Petersburg is no exception – there are 8 events in and around the city (including Peterhof and Gatchina). My favourite is Yelagin Island. This traffic-free island is a haven for sports enthusiasts and nature lovers (just try to not see a squirrel!) and has a special place in my heart, as it is where I first met up to train with other runners in the city and made some great friends.

Parkrun is in theory a run, not a race. There’s little harm in trying your fitness and running around the park with like-minded runners. During summer months I frequently spot holiday-makers in running gear looking a little bit lost on the metro and help them to find the start (which isn’t easy).

The volunteers and runners do their best to make everyone welcome, and it’s a great way to kickstart the weekend. On a number of times, I have received the 0007 stripcode at the finish. Always makes me laugh anyway…

Evidence of recent PCR test or vaccination certificate required.

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Ben from Saint Petersburg

Ben O'Leary photo

I'm a regular at local running events. I love how every stone in St. Pete has a ...

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Primorskiy Prospekt, Saint Petersburg

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