Festina Lente Bridge Sarajevo

Image by Naida Kurdija

Festina Lente Bridge – Modern bridge

One of my favourite spots in the city is Festina Lente bridge, which was opened in 2012.

It is a modern bridge, only 38 meters long but interesting in shape.

It makes you want to slow down and just enjoy the silence, the lights, the breeze. 

Its location offers you a glance at Miljacka river, dividing the city, over one of the most beautiful buildings in the city – the Academy of fine arts – and at other neighbouring bridges. 

Its uniqueness gives you a chance to make great photos with daylight or at night. 

When the day is busy and there’s no time to slow down, this bridge always reminds me that in life, you should always hurry up slowly, as the saying goes. Because, in the end, you will never be late to a place you are supposed to come to. You will make it there just in time.

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Obala Kulina bana , Sarajevo

Opening Times

24 hours daily
Last Changed Date: 2016-05-19 11:45:13 +0200 (Thu, 19 May 2016)