Kamerni Teatar 55 Sarajevo

Image by Alan Dardagan

Kamerni Teatar 55 – A different approach to art

Kamerni Teatar 55 was founded in 1955 in Sarajevo, hence the 55 in its name. In that era, there were a lot of theaters in Sarajevo, however they were a bit stale so Kamerni Teatar 55 offered a new and fresh approach, akin to modern European theaters. It was the first theater that had experimental and avant-garde plays in its repertoire.  

Every time I go to Kamerni Teatar 55 I feel like I am a part of the play. The chairs form a ring around the stage, which allows a more intimate relationship with the audience. Last time I went there I saw a play called “Radnja na uglu”. It was a drama/comedy.  It was really fun to watch. The coolest thing about it is that one of the actors kept breaking character, which was pretty funny.

I also had the honor to watch one play directed by my friend Boris Lalic. We went to school together and he is a talented young writer.

If you want to see something different and a bit less pretentious, Kamerni Teatar 55 is right in the Titova street very close to the Eternal Flame monument.

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Maršala Tita 56, Sarajevo

Opening Times

Most plays start at 20:00 (check schedule)


Ticket price: BAM 10


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