Sarajevo Rose Sarajevo

Image by Naida Kurdija

Sarajevo Rose – Emotional spot

The Sarajevo Rose is one of the most emotional street signs, and you can find it at various locations in the city centre.

They represent actual grenade imprints from the ’92-’95 Sarajevo siege, colored in red. Some streets have been renovated but the spots with Sarajevo rose imprints haven’t been touched.

Every Sarajevo rose gives me the chills and represents a deep emotion of respect.

When raindrops water the rose, it is not only a remembrance sign of war: in that moment, it takes me so vividly back to the moment of happening.

It’s as if those raindrops awaken dried-up memories and keep them from oblivion.

It is not just a sign of sadness now, but of freedom and pride.

So, no matter if you’re a tourist or local, when you see the Sarajevo rose, please do not step on it and pay respect to the ones that lost their lives or body parts on that very spot.

So, tourist or local, please pay respect.

(The Sarajevo rose on this photo is located near Faculty of Philosophy, there is one in front of the Cathedral etc.)

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Franje Račkog 1, Sarajevo

Opening Times

24 hours daily


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