Saint Mark's Summit Vancouver

Image by Daniela Botelho Perotto

Saint Mark’s Summit – Beautiful view of Howe Sound

I’d been seeing Saint Mark’s Summit, Vancouver come up on my Instagram feed for a while now, and thought to myself: “That’s it! I have to go and check this out!” I finally did so a few weeks ago, and have to admit I have been back! Let me tell you why.

This is a long but beautiful hike up one of the points of Cypress Mountain, with a good mix of trees (for when you’re getting a bit too hot) and open pathway. It’s so exciting to build that momentum of what you’ll be seeing as you approach the top! The way up is also clearly marked, so bring lots of water, take your time and enjoy. 

It’s true what they say about the best views coming from the toughest climbs. Not that this hike is only for Olympic athletes; I did the hike with my two dachshunds, so if they could handle it, so can you!! Still, the view from up there is absolutely rewarding: it’s Howe Sound at its finest! 

Cypress Mountain can be reached by car or public transit, so there’s no issue getting to and from. If you’re transiting, just be sure to check the bus schedule, since the round trip takes at least 4 hours. But I’m tempted to say it’ll take you even longer, because once you are up there, you’ll want to enjoy that view for as long as possible.

Happy hiking!

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