Takami Vienna

Image by Julia Heiligenbrunner

Takami – Tasty MSG-free Asian restaurant

It was only recently that I first stumbled upon this gem of an Asian restaurant in Vienna. I was quite surprised my friends who live just around the corner of Takami had never before told me of this secret cellar restaurant. That is exactly why they haven’t – I was the one to tell them of this bright and friendly place for noodles, sushi and the like!

I’ll be back very soon and here are my reasons for a quick return.

The prices are moderate, especially for the good quality you get. All the dishes at Takami are free of MSG, which proves once again tasty food does not need flavor enhancers. I had the Veggie Plate with avocado maki rolls and my friend the cumin dumplings. Both of us loved the food. At my second visit, until then I’ve only ordered vegetarian options, the chef’s wife attentively asked whether I was a vegan, which I confirmed. She then told me, her husband can prepare pretty much every dish on the menu vegetarian/vegan, for which they use soy proteins. Good to know, thanks for the service!

At the very least, Takami deserves a better photo than what my mobile was able to take.

One understands why they’ve been around since 2005; how they went unnoticed by me and many others, not so much.

Opening hours here are more up to date than on their pages 😉 they want to see how the afternoon break is received.

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Details about this spot



Ratschkygasse 5, Vienna

Telephone number


Opening Times

Mon - Sat 11:00 - 15:30 & 16:30 - 21:00


10 veg. dumpl.: € 3.80


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