Gobis Vilnius

Image by Kamilė Naraitė

Gobis – Outdoor exhibition

All art works are usually exposed indoors. But these days the modern viewer can rarely find some free time to go to the gallery or a museum. So, a solution was offered in 2005 by the ‘Kvadratas’ Group of Cultural Initiative Group. Now, ceramics works are exposed not only indoors as usual, but also outdoors. This way that exhibition can be seen by any passer-by and makes it better-known.

The outdoors exhibition allows people to see art works from all sides. So, the viewer has a chance to have a deeper look into exhibits. ‘Gobis’ outdoors expo has already showed about 100 different exhibitions. Moreover, at ‘Gobis’ expo they not only show professional ceramics works, but also a lot of children’s works.

I like the way that outdoors expo becomes a part of the city view. It looks like cities becomes more interesting, unique and full of arts. I love ceramic because it helps to express your feelings, your uniqueness and your view to the world. So, I always enjoy how people stop at ‘Gobis’ exhibitions and wonder about the ceramics works, which express the feeling of the artist. I really recommend to stop at ‘Gobis’ outdoors expo and watch to the arts in different way. Enjoy!

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Gedimino pr. 13, Vilnius

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24 hours daily




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