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Tamara from Zagreb

Youth project manager. I love the balance between Zagreb's international present...

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Kino Tuškanac is a rather hidden and unspectacular cinema – at first sight. But don’t let yourself be fooled by its building’s unpretentious looks. Kino Tuškanac has been operating as a center for cinematic culture and education in Zagreb since 2001. Its original purpose was to serve for the education of students of cinematography-related studies. At the same time, it was meant to present a space free of the commercialization of cinematic culture. Here you can exclusively find screenings of cinema classics, non-commercial, alternative, experimental, and art-movies. The program is organized around cinematic classics, contemporary art-movies, short movies, and art-festivals.

As you can conclude, Kino Tuškanac is not the typical Saturday-night-movie-date-place. It’s much more a spot for unpretentious Tuesdays and not at all weird to go by yourself. It’s so non-commercial, they don’t even sell popcorn (this is a warning – bring your own snacks). Here it’s all about the quality of the program and the selection of movies. Here it’s all about the culture of cinema.

Apart from the program, there is one more spectacular part about Kino Tuškanac though. It’s the summer stage, an open-air cinema, in the midst of the Tuškanac forest. Continue along Dubravkin put past the cinema building and don’t worry if you feel like you’ve probably already walked too far into the forest and there’s no chance there will be a movie projection in this place, you must have missed it. When you’ve found it – feel free to be amazed.

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Tamara from Zagreb

Tamara Lipnjak photo

Youth project manager. I love the balance between Zagreb's international present...

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Tuškanac 1 , Zagreb

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Opening Times

Daily, one hour before projections start (check schedule)


Ticket: € 20


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